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Insight Reports

Digital Hug’s Quarterly and Overnight Insight Reports are comprehensive studies of actionable insights and recommendations…the "Hidden Gems" that help GROW, OPTIMIZE and PROTECT (GOP) your business. 








Conduct a full social media listening analysis of the past 12 months sourced from 300 million global sources including - blogs, forums, micro blogs, comments, social networks, consumer reviews. Our reports outline findings and recommendations surrounding your key business objectives.


We summarize and quantify the collective conversation thematically with weighting significance and helpful verbatim. Where relevant we also identify key influencers, sources and key demographics. We use the leading natural language processing technologies to filter the data in combination with our experienced business analyst to pull findings and make recommendations. Our process entails triangulating 3 key areas to develop our insights - your brand health; the purchase cycle; and an open discovery of attitudes towards the industry you compete in.


We provide insights with a macro view by studying a 24 month stored historical data-set of all social media conversation related to your brand and its competitive set.

We track and report on movement from quarter to quarter of your reputation and key attributes.

Recommendations are captured in an “Action Register” providing you with a management tool to help drive your priority initiatives, and learn to compete at the speed of social.

"In business today, we’re witnessing a social digital divide with leading brands increasingly leveraging social intelligence to drive results…leaving the “digitally unsure” further behind."

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